TownsvilleVisit today!

Townsville is the second biggest city in Queensland after Brisbane. You can get a connecting flight from Brisbane, Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne and Darwin. We can even help if you would like us to suggest a flight itinerary.

Australian WildlifeUnique!

One of the most common reasons for visiting Australia is to see the amazing and unique animals that call Australia home, and Townsville is an ideal location to enjoy everything that Australia has to offer.

The Great Barrier ReefNemo!

Get up close and personal with the incredible Great Barrier Reef in Townsville. If you are a bit more adventurous you can hope aboard one of the local diving boats and head out to the reef, or alternatively you can see everything at the Reef HQ aquarium.

Study English at a school that cares

Students chose to study at TIES because they are looking for an adventure, to immerse themselves in the 'real' Australia!

Our Location

Townsville Airport

With more than 25,000 airline seats weekly, it has never been more convenient to access Townsville North Queensland.

TIES staff can even help with organising flights and providing recommendations on the best travel route to Townsville.

Suggested Flight Times
  • Cairns to Townsville: 45 minutes
  • Brisbane to Townsville: 1hr 45 minutes
  • Sydney to Townsville: 2 hrs 35 minutes
  • Melbourne to Townsville: 3 hrs
  • Darwin to Townsville: 2 hrs 49 minutes

Townsville offers an amazing insight into the 'real' Australian experience.

If you would prefer to study in a big city and be part of the crowd, then Townsville isn't for you. Students who choose to study at TIES get the advantage of studying in a truly Australian environment with 'true blue' Aussie characters.

I want to:
  • Immerse myself in the culture and language
  • Experience what the 'real' Australia is like
  • Get to know some Aussies and say 'G'Day' to a few
  • Study in a city that I won't forget, and have an experience which will stay with me forever
  • Wrestle a crocodile down the beach (just kidding)
If you answered yes to most of those questions, then TIES is the school for you.
Australian Lifestyle

A big drawcard for studying in Australia is lifestyle.

Whether you like walking along the beach as the sun rises over the ocean, feeding Rock Wallabies or spotting Koalas on Magnetic Island, having a swim in one of the pristine local creeks, diving on the amazing Great Barrier Reef, or simply relaxing at a cafΓ© whilst sipping a latte, Townsville has everything on offer.

lthough students are sometimes surprised when a 'local' says "G'Day" to them on the street, they soon realise that they have made the right choice, to study in a destination which is slightly off the beaten path, but which offers an amazing array of opportunities in a safe, welcoming and 'real' Australian culture and lifestyle.

Experience Australia

Townsville is an ideal location to study English, especially for students who want to immerse themselves in a 'real' Australian experience.

Townsville offers an amazing array of opportunities and experiences, and is a gateway to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, wet tropics rain-forests, tropical islands, wetlands, national parks and outback experiences. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Townsville is the perfect destination for a 'sea change', to live the good life whilst improving your English level.

Studying in Townsville also provides a source of outstanding education facilities, a safe and friendly environment and real value in terms of living and education costs. Townsville, and the North Queensland region at large, hold some of Australia's best kept secrets; students can not only study in an engaging, dynamic and professional environment, but also discover the 'real' Australia away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.


Townsville boasts a diverse economy with a variety of jobs available for students studying on a visa with working rights. We have an excellent track record in assisting students in finding work whilst studying at TIES.

WAnother advantage of studying English in Townsville is the wide range of student nationalities. In fact, we pride ourselves on the diversity of students who choose to study at Townsville International English School (TIES) with more than 40 nationalities choosing to study English at our school since opening.