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Studying English in Australia

About Australia

  • Australia is not connected by land to any other country and so it has developed its own wildlife. The Koala (which can be seen in the wild on Magnetic Island), the Kangaroo, the Emu and the Kookaburra are among many animals only found here.
  • The Australian Coat Of Arms displays a Kangaroo and an Emu. The reason for this is because both of these animals cannot walk backwards.

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    Did you know??

    • The Great Barrier Reef is the Worlds Largest Coral Reef in the World, measuring over 200km in length.
    • Australia has over 10,000 Beaches and therefore more than any other Country
    • Australia is the smallest Continent in the world, but the sixth largest Country.
    • Almost 5 million people born overseas live in Australia.

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