Being a boutique language school makes all the difference for TIES students.

TIES students benefit immensely from our boutique learning environment. When Kit and Yvette Perry decided to open their school, they first started by brainstorming what sort of school they would like to create. "We had taught at several schools before opening TIES, and we could see things that worked and other things that didn't, so we wanted to design a school that reflected our experiences and who we are as educators."

"The maximum class size at TIES is 18 students, although most of our classes have between 12-15 students. We believe that a great education begins with the student. Therefore, student-centred learning is an essential aspect of a productive classroom, and we believe that one of the best ways to do that is by offering smaller class sizes."

When we say that our school is boutique, it means that we are a small but prestigious school that places the emphasis of teaching and learning on our students. We don't aim to be the biggest school, just the best.
- Kit & Yvette Perry

Yvette and Kit Perry designed TIES to reflect their unique educational philosophy.

TIES students benefit immensely from our unique learning environment. "When we started TIES we wanted to create a school that reflected what we believe an amazing school should entail. We didn't want to do things simply because that is 'the way things are done', but to make a conscious choice for every aspect of our school. One such unique aspect is our four-day timetable."

When we say that our school is unique, it means that we haven't designed our school around a 'traditional' or 'conventional' model of what a school should be. We have designed everything in our school purposefully to reflect what we believe represents an amazing educational experience centred around our students.
- Kit & Yvette Perry

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