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Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is a tropical paradise which is only 20 minutes away by Ferry. We have made many trips to Magnetic Island with students and each time is both memorable and amazing for all involved. Magnetic Island was given it’s name by Captain James Cook when he was sailing up the East coast of Australia in 1770. As his ship HMS Endeavour was sailing past the island his compass went ‘haywire’ (didn’t work correctly) and he mistakingly thought that the island must have had some kind of magnetic anomaly affecting it. Therefore, we have the name Magnetic Island.

Although it may not have any actual ‘magnetic properties’ to the island, it is certainly magnetic for locals and tourists alike. As with Townsville, Magnetic Island also boasts over 300 days of sunshine per/year and is a great place to relax and unwind. There are many Bush-walking tracks littered throughout the island with some amazing scenery and wildlife along the way. On our last trip to Magnetic Island with TIES, we took a small group of students for a change. Our day is outlined in the 2nd edition of the TIES Gazette as we fed wild Rock Wallabies at Geoffrey Bay, Swam at Alma Bay, had lunch at Horseshoe Bay & saw Koalas on the Forts walk!

If you are studying at Townsville International English School for an extended period you can actually get discounted ‘Mates Rates’ when travelling to and from Townsville. All you need to do is travel on the early 7:30am ferry and show some form of identification with your local address to receive a huge discount.

Magnetic Island is a magical destination and you really must visit when you come to Townsville!

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