ESL Song – ‘Past Perfect’

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ESL Song – ‘Past Perfect’

“My Hangover”

I wrote this song with my partner Yvette Remilton to reinforce the Past Perfect tense in English. I couldn’t find any songs that had a lot of Past Perfect practice in them which is why we wrote an original. You can find an explanation of the Past Perfect tense in a previous post on the blog which might help explain what it is used for and it’s form. Below are links to the different activities I created for this song and you can find a video of the song on the TIES YouTube Channel.


The first activity for this song is a back-to-back crossword activity. You need to find a friend or classmate and sit together so you can’t see each others crosswords. One student will have all of the words for across and the other will have all of the words for down. You should then try to explain each of the words as your partner guesses. Make sure you check your answers afterwards. (Print them out)

My Hangover Across | My Hangover Down Crossword


The listening activity for this song has two sections. The first activity is what I call a Word-Grab activity. First you will need to print out the ‘Word-Grab’ sheet below and cut it up into each individual square. Then you will need to listen to the song and grab the words as you hear them. I usually do this in groups of 2-6 per group of cards. The person with the most cards at the end is the winner.

The second listening activity is a Gap-Fill activity. Once again you will need to print out the ‘Gap-Fill’ sheet below first. Then you will need to listen to the song again and fill in the missing words as you go. If you need to listen more than once that’s o.k.

My Hangover Word Grab | My Hangover Gap Fill


As a Post-Listening exercise for this one I would suggest checking all of the words are correct and then having a sing along with the song! The full lyrics are below…

My Hangover by Kit Perry and Yvette Remilton (My Hangover Lyrics)


When I woke up I thought I’d lost my mind

But it just seemed I’d lost some time

What had happened the night before?

Time would tell – but I wasn’t sure


I was walking along the beach

The moon was shining and she was with me

I had seen such a sight to see

I prayed to god that it had never been


When my head is finally clear

My memories bring back some tears

Please take me back in time

To the place where everything’s fine


I’d gone to work before you awoke

But I think you might have seen my leave

Cause when I drove back the lights were on

I hadn’t realised your love was gone

I saw the man who’d been competing with me

I thought I’d lose it, instead I set you free


The week after on our trip away

I got the courage to say what I had to say

I took her hand and placed it in mine

And then I kissed it for the final time

I said goodbye and c’est la vie

I said goodbye and c’est la vie


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