The TIES Gazette – Edition 7

ESL Song – ‘Past Perfect’
ESL Song – ‘Present Simple’

The TIES Gazette – Edition 7

The TIES Gazette – Edition 7

Every month we put out our TIES Gazette newsletter which outlines all of the various activities which TIES students have been doing in the previous month. Each of the gazettes also have sections on English Grammar so you can brush up, as well as some funny things which came up at TIES during the month. Please click on the image to the left to view the fourth edition of the TIES Gazette.

July was a busy month with many new students choosing to study at TIES.  We had students from Japan, Korea, Germany, Brazil and Nepal joining our school, which was great to see.  One of the best parts of our job, teaching English at TIES, is being able to have contact with such an amazing array of nationalities. This cultural exchange certainly enriches our life…[Read on]

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