ESL Song – ‘Present Simple’

The TIES Gazette – Edition 7
The TIES Gazette – Edition 8

ESL Song – ‘Present Simple’

“That I Know Is True”

My partner and I wrote this song to reinforce the Present Simple tense in English.   There are quite a few songs ‘out there’ that incorporate Present Simple such as “Piano Man” by Billy Joel for routines, “She Loves you” by The Beatles if you are having trouble with the third person singular ‘s’, or even “Hero” by Mariah Carey.   However, we wanted to add a few more references to Present Simple and give our students more practice which is why we wrote this song.

You can find an explanation of the Present Simple tense in our latest TIES Gazette – Edition 7.   One section we always include in the Gazette’s is a section called “Grandma’s Section”, which is a play on words with Grammar.  If you have  a look in Edition 7 of the Gazette you will find a section which clearly outlines the tense.

Below are all of the activities which you can print out and complete as you listen to the song.  You can find a demonstration of each activity on the TIES YouTube channel if you are unsure of what to do.


That I Know is True Across | That I Know is True Down Crossword


That I Know is True Word Grab | That I Know is True Gap Fill


As a Post-Listening exercise for this one I would suggest checking all of the words are correct and then having a sing along with the song! The full lyrics are below if you want to check…

That I Know Is True by Kit Perry and Yvette Remilton (That I Know is True Lyrics)

She said her plane leaves at eight, but she’s always late

I’m waiting for her now at the airport gate

I’m usually the first to call, the first to break

I sometimes try to wait, but I guess it’s just fate


What do you do when you’re not around?

Where do you go when you’re out of town?

Who do you become when you go away?

What do you think when you come to stay?


I love the way you smile when we first meet

It feels so good and so complete

I try to block my thoughts, like you say

Cause when you’re away you say it’s just the same




I remember that…

the Earth is round and the sky is blue

the sun will rise tomorrow and so will you

that I know is true (x4)



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